Sourdough bread 24
Charred Eggplant 48
 with tahini, sumac, crushed tomato, hot pepper, radish, purple onion and oregano oil
Leek and Potato Patties 48
on mustard aioli, dill, parsley, celery and onion
Endive Salad 49
Fruit of the season, basil, onion, beet, walnut, honey vinaigrette
Tomato Salad 59
Assorted tomatoes with Kalamata olives, green onion, red onion, hot pepper, radish, basil, lima beans, croutons
Jerusalem Artichoke & Mushroom Burekas 48
with tahini, cherry tomato, Kalamata olives, arugula, scallion, purple onion, hot pepper and cornichons
Asiatic Salad  64
sirloin pieces, shimeji mushroom, mint, cilantro, green onion, sesame, peanuts, cucumbers and ginger and chili in Asiatic sauce
Sirloin Carpaccio 61
with olive oil, lemon, purple onion, basil aioli, balsamic caviar, radish, arugula and croutons
Chopped Liver  56
with onion cream, date honey, cornichons, walnuts and bruschetta
Arayes lamb 58
meat in pitta, tahini, harissa and piquant tomato salad
Porcini Soup  48
mushrooms, chestnuts, truffle oil and soy whip
Gnocchi / Pasta / Rissoto
Mushroom and Chestnut Risotto 68
with sweet potato, almonds, peas and truffle vinaigrette // 68
Tagliatelle Alfredo  73
with mushroom, chestnuts, spinach, truffles and soy cream
Tagliatelle Short ribs  89
Vent Rib meat, red wine, demi-glace, chestnuts, spinach
Gnocchi Beef Fillet  121
with shimeji mushrooms, colored carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, shallots, red wine and beef stock
From the Sea
Sea Fish Ceviche  58
with guacamole, crushed tomato, olive tapenade, hot pepper and coriander
Salmon Tartar 58
with green beans, cucumber, scallion, purple onion, mint and black sesame
Salmon Fillet  117
with forbidden rice, onion, mushrooms, chard green beans, garlic caramel
Sea Fish Fillet
on tomato risotto, spinach and piquant pepper sauce
From the Land
Scaloppini Chicken Breast 91
in white wine, lemon, lima beans, cherry tomato and parley
Chicken Thighs  96
garlic caramel, tahini, onion, bonfire potatoes, cherry tomato
Goose Drumstick  122
with seared onions, garlic, multicolored carrots, mushroom, chestnuts, green beans and wine sauce
Tagliata  118
sirloin cuts with fennel seeds on a piping hot skillet, arugula, bonfire potato
Beef Fillet  167
220 gr with shimeji mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke and peas, porcini sauce and truffle oil
Entrecote 300 gr. 169
chimichurri and Elisha’s fries
Hanger Steak  131
with mashed potato, shallots, garlic confit, carrot, asparagus, citrus caramel
Short Ribs 7-Hour Dish  126
white beans, mushrooms, pumpkin, onion, green bean
Chocolate Souffle 42
Homade, with vanilla cream, berries and almonds
Chocolate Tartufo 45
Chocolate streusel, creme patissiere, berries and raspberry sorbet
Chocolate Bonboon 52
Chocolate ball filled with nociola cream, Amarena cherries and coconut patissiere
Halva Mousse 42
with straberry sauce. merengue, sugared pistachios, kadif and mint
Coconut Malabi Cream 43
rose water syrup, coconut flakes, cracked pistachio & seasonal fruit